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Audio, typography and props used in the final edit.

The audio we used in our final edit was from a website called

The typography changed for the main title “Restrained” but it didn’t change for the titles for the job roles. I’m very happy with our titles, they look effective and reinforce the thriller genre to our audience. Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 14.14.20

The props we used were a mixture of blunt tools that the villain would use when brutally murdering the victim. These included a hammer, some screwdrivers and a bunch of nails. The fact that these weapons aren’t high tech expensive weapons only make the villain seem more sinister.   Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 14.42.00

Another prop we used was a missing poster which we made ourselves. This makes the title sequence look more realistic and believable. It shows that this situation is a police investigation and not a out of the blue disappearance making the title sequence appear more sinister.  Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 14.56.58

draft 4 – final edit

We decided to do one final edit of our media product. We have added a better more effective title for the title ‘Restrained’ and we have also added a ringing sound at the end which gives the audience the indications that the victim has been hit and is dead.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 14.14.20

This is the new title we have edited in. It looks much more edgy than our last title and applies more to a thriller horror genre. It feels more sinister and gives of a dark, twisted atmosphere. The image above is the improved title and the image below is the previously one that has been used in the other drafts.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 15.11.01

Other difference with the third and fourth edit is that the third edit is 2 minutes 8 seconds and the fourth edit is 2 minutes 10 seconds, mainly that 2 seconds added is just for the title at the end to add emphasis on the audience.

Third draft



This is our third draft for our title sequence. This will probably be the draft we show for are finished unless we want to make any last-minute changes for a draft four.

The edit is more tight and it flows the most smoothly out of all our drafts.

With this edit i am confidence we can achieve a level three and maybe even break into a level four which would reflect how much effort everyone in our group has worked on this task.

The difference between our second edit and third edit is that our third edit is 2 minutes 9 seconds and the second draft was 2 minutes 13 seconds. The edit feels more smooth and we got rid of a few shots that didn’t fit the way that title sequence flowed. For example one of the shots we got rid of was the panning shot we use when the victim is following the way the villain is walking with her head. We could rid of this shot because the camera was shaky and it the shot looked unprofessional. To make up for this shot we added a few shots of close-ups of the victims face which was cut at a fast pace.

second draft title squence


This is our second edit of our title sequence. We have done the aspects we needed to improve such as adding the titles in, tighten up the editing and make it over 2 minutes.

We have done all these things but still have received feedback on how we could improve the title sequence.

We need to get rid of some shots and include more shorter shots, some shots are still far to long and we need to shorten them and also we need add more titles in including me ( the DOP) and also the editor Izzy .

We should have these improvements done by next week ready to upload our third draft.



The difference between our first edit and second edit is that we have a prdouction comapny title at the beginning. This makes our second edit look more professional and look like a proper title sequence. Above is an image of how our first draft starts and below is a image of how our second draft starts.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 14.12.11.png

Furthermore our first edit was 1 minute 49 seconds and our second edit was 2 minutes 13 seconds. This shows we have meat the time boundary and is the length of a proper title sequence.

First draft and feedback.

This is our first draft for our thriller title sequence. Right now we don’t have any titles for it but will for the really thing due in March. The location is different to what we said we film in the planning documents and we are debating whether to film in a different locations.



This is the feedback we got back from our first draft, the feedback was mainly positive praising the shots, mise en scene and acting.

Were we could improve is with the sound of when the villain hits the victim with the hammer, it sounded un realistic and most of the people laughed at that bit which is not the impression we want to give to them. We are going to change the sound of this and are also going to tighten the edit up because there are some shots which are far to long and it also needs to be two minutes long.

Things we need to do for next re shot:

. Maybe re locate

. Add titles in

. Change sound of victim getting hit by the hammer.

. Make it two minutes long.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures.

Independent post – This is England Film & Tv series review.

This is England is a British film set in 1983 and is about  a young boy called Shaun becomes friends with a gang of skinheads. Friends soon become like family, and relationships will be pushed to the very limit with THISISENGLAND_quad_newthe arrival of ex prisoner, Combo. It also shows the struggle for northern people living in a Margaret Thatcher government.

Thomas Turgoose plays Shaun. His dad was a serviceman killed in the Falklands and he’s perennially getting picked on for this, and for his horrible flared jeans . Sloping and moping his way home after a standard-issue school day of humiliation, Shaun gets stumble into some skin heads in a dodgy underpass, but instead of yet more battering, the gang give him sympathy and understanding; they become Shaun’s only friends, and with a new Ben Sherman shirt, number one cut hair cut and Dr Martins, Shaun has new pride and a new identity.

The gang’s leader is Woody who is a cheerful, Sparky performance from Joe Gilgun. The gang also includes Milky who is from the Caribbean and Woody’s best mate, and gadget who normally gets teased on for being fat. Shaun even finds romance with one of the group’s girl-punk fellow travellers: a older woman called Smell (Rosamund Hanson) .The idyll is soon destroyed with the highly unwelcome appearance of Combo, a ferocious and sinister skin just out of prison, played by Stephen Graham. He demands the group join his National Front cell, and turn out for an NF meeting in a tatty pub, addressed by one of the movement’s leaders.

The film comes to a violent end with Combo almost beating Milky to death because of his race.

The first TV series was set in 1986, this was about the marriage of Woody and Lol and the arrival of Lol dad who is a rapist. The first series had all the things people loved from the film but it focused on more character building which is easier to do in a TV series than a film,  I was a lot darker in my opinion.

The second series was set in 1988, this was about Lol getting over the death of her father who was killed by her but Combo took the blame for it, whilst this was happening Lol had an affair with Milky and they had a Mixed raced child. Woody feels heart-broken and is forced to leave Lol even through he still loves her. The group Is more divided in this series but still has these comedy moments and extremely dark moments which Sean Meadows does brilliantly. Because of the shame Lol feels and guilt of keeping the death of her father a secret from everyone she try’s to commit suicide.

The third series and my favorite out of the film and other two is set in 1990. Woody and Lol get back together at the end of 88 and 90 shows them have a child together and happily together. This series also includes the drug culture develop like it did in 1990 and shows Kelly’s (Lol’s sister) problem with heroin. This series also includes a lot music from The Stone Roses who were a big band in the 90’s and are one of my favorite bands.

Overall the film of This is England is amazing and the TV series add to the film in more detail with the audience getting more screen time with these characters.  Shane Meadows director it and writes it which is done brilliantly, the shots he uses are beautiful which are well matched with the music chosen. The acting is brilliant from the film all the way through to the last series 90. What I love about this is England Is that it is like you have gone back in time and it is like you are there in these different time periods. This is England is one of my favorite films and one of my favorite TV series.

I would give the film this is England 8.6 out of 10 and i would give the TV series on a whole with all three series a 9 out of 10.


This gives a summary of what happens from the film to the last TV series.

Target audience feedback


For our main task our group had to make survey about the thriller genre. We made the survey on Target audience feedback is important because  it gives you an insight in what the audience think makes a good thriller title sequence.


In this question we asked what aged are you and what is your gender?For the gender question 73% where female and 28% where male. This show that the opinion on this survey will be mainly female. For the age questions, 57% where ages between 13-16, 23% where in the aged gap between 17-20, 4% where in the age gap between 21-25 and 14% where in the age gap of 25 and higher. This tells our group that the results from this survey are going to be from a younger audience.







The next question on the survey was what thriller sub genre is your favourite? Horror thriller got 23%, phcychlocal thriller got 26%, crime thriller got 13%, action thriller got 17%, mystery thriller got 13% and other got 7%. This gives us an insight in what thriller sub genre is most popular with the audience.





The next question on the survey was what is your favourite thriller horror film. The most popular answer was the purge with 55%. This gives us an indication what favourite horror thriller film is and what is popular with the audience.





The next question was ‘what elements build up suspense in horror thrillers”? The most popular answer was music with 54%. This tells us how important the music will to our title sequence.







screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-15-30-16                                                                                            The last question was “what location is mot effective for a horror thriller”? The most popular answer was abandon places with 54%, giving us an indication of what location makes the audience makes the audience feel most uncomfortable.








Planning documents

Our group has done our research and have done a range of planning documents.

Story board




Shot list




This music is royalty free so by downloading I wont be breaking the law and it wont cost me anything. The one I think is best is the one called Harbinger of Doom. It is very creepy and eerie and gives the sense of fear as this person is being held hostage. The music is from a website called




Locations shots

Our idea for the thriller title sequence task.

For our next task with our groups we have to make a title sequence which is thriller based.

whats our idea?

Our group came u that a hostage themed title sequence would be effective and creepy. We don’t want it to look too much like a trailer so we are keeping the scene in one locations. The location we have picked is an abandoned house in Fulmar, this will give the theme of being a creepy location and defining the thriller genre.

The shots we will use are close-ups of the victim hands in rope and blood on them and all around their face. We will use other close-ups of the villain sharpening knifes to make the audience feel very uncomfortable.


As the DOP i want the shots to me short and snappy and not to give too much away, if you look at the best title thriller sequence they don’t have long shots and there is little deluge in them. I want ours to be like this short shots which will make the audience feel uncomfortable and there to be some deluge. The deluge we have in mind of the victim saying “help” and then at the end of the sequence them saying “no it can’t be you” then it cuts to black of the title of the film.

Right now finding actors is a working process but we know what we want from them and we known where we our filming so it shouldn’t be too hard.

This what we have based our idea on and are using this one as inspiration.

Ours will be similar but also different to this one, we will take idea from one but also came up with different aspects to put in ours.

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